1. A charge nurse or a nurse supervisor in part oversees the work of other nurses. Discuss the process of

1. A charge nurse or a nurse supervisor, in part, oversees the work of other nurses. Discuss the process of delegation and supervision and how it impacts the “floor nurses’” job performance.
2. You are the home care nurse assigned to a patient living alone in an open community. Your last visit is scheduled, and you are on your way to the patient’s house. You phone the patient to announce your arrival and got no answer. What will your follow up action be? Discuss the possibilities.
3. In your designated state which agency investigates elder abuse? Find a
published annual report and point out what is important to you as a
student nurse. [Florida (last names A), California (last names B to G),
New York (last names H to N), and Iowa (last names Ogb to Olo), Texas
(last names Ony to Will)]. You may comment on anyones post afterward. Attach a copy of that report to your posting.
***Explain with support of the appropriate chapters in your book.
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