1.Brainstorm Assignment: Complete and submit the TextBased Campaign Worksheetfor your chosen campaign. This will serve as a brainstorm to use

1.Brainstorm Assignment: Complete and submit the Text-Based Campaign Worksheet
for your chosen campaign. This will serve as a brainstorm to use in your upcoming Milestone 3 assignment
2. Write a text-based campaign analysis that describes, analyzes, and evaluates the text-based campaign of your choice. You must choose a campaign that aims to improve the world in some way, whether in the areas of Associating, Serving, Giving, or Leading. Once you’ve chosen your campaign, research both the campaign and the larger issue it is addressing.
Your analysis paper should include ALL of the following:
Campaign headline: What phrase (or hashtag) is used? Why those words? What makes them effective?
Campaign subtext: what messages are being communicated by the headline? Explain.
Campaign issue: what is the campaign trying to address or solve? What is the social, cultural, or political context of this campaign? What are some key facts about the issue and what do those facts tell us?
Campaign form: Is it a social media campaign, or is it situated in physical space? How do people interact with it? Why do you think this approach was taken?
In which area of civic engagement does this campaign best fit: Associating, Serving, Giving, or Leading? Explain.
Intended audience: who is the audience, both actual and intended? Explain.
Campaign development: what are the circumstances of the project’s creation? Who created it and why? How has the project evolved over time?
What kind of rhetorical appeals are used? Ethos, Pathos or Logos?
Campaign reach: where in the world has the campaign reached? Who has it affected? How many people has it affected? Explain.
Campaign effectiveness: finally and most importantly, evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. Was the approach successful? Why? Use specific evidence to support your case. What changes or new approaches would you recommend, in order to improve or grow the campaign? Explain.
Your essay should be 1,500 words (typically 5.5 double-spaced pages). You may include a process page if needed.
Reference List: Be sure to correctly cite any quotes or statistics. Use APA style. Use a minimum of 3 different, reliable sources. Include both in-text citations as well as a reference list at the end.
Essay must be in APA format. See APA resources below.

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