1. Describe in detail how nutritional needs and sleep patterns

1. Describe in detail how nutritional needs and sleep patterns effect growth and physical development in middle childhood.
2. Discuss the impact of mental health issues during middle childhood. Explain disruptive conduct disorders, school phobia, childhood depression and various treatment options. 
3. Summarize the cognitive advances in Piagetian abilities in middle childhood. Be sure to explain growth in the concrete operational child.
4. Explain how IQ is measured and the controversy that exists with measuring intelligence. Do you agree with the concept of IQ and how it is measured? Provide a rationale for your response.
5. Discuss the child in school – be sure to explain how parenting practices, socioeconomic status and peer acceptance impact development. Discuss second language learning and educating children with disabilities.
6. Summarize the changes in self-esteem, self-concept and emotional understanding and regulation in middle childhood. 
7. Discuss the impact of divorce during middle childhood. Explain issues related to custody, visitation and co-parenting. What are the long-term effects of divorce?
8. Various issues arise with peers during middle childhood. Discuss the following, in detail: gender differences in peer-group relationships; popularity; friendship and aggression and bullying.


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