#1 Gather the Facts – Introduce and clarify the crucial


#1 Gather the Facts – Introduce and clarify the crucial facts of your topic. Ask yourself these two primary questions. What do I know? & What do I need the reader to know? Please select a case study on your topic. It should be a case that has either been in the American Medical journals or a national/global case that is well documented. Points: 20

#2 Determine the Ethical Issues – What are the moral medical ethical issues that are in competition within this case study? Identify and describe each. It is this conflict, which creates the ethical dilemma. Ask yourself whose interests are in conflict? In this section, you should also record what Philosophical theory or theories are associated in your case study: Utilitarian, Deontology, Justice, Divine Command, Libertarian and so on. You should have a substantial (more than two paragraphs) for this section. Points: 30

#3 Determine the Moral Values – What moral values are central to the ethical structures that you have defined? What are the theological views at play in this case? (There may not be anything said in the case study, but you are capable of pulling that out now based on what you have gathered about moral ethics and Christianity). In this section, you will identify which faith tradition you decided to look at your case study through (unless it already has one). This would mean you would select from the following faith traditions under the umbrella of Christianity: Roman Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant (There are many branches under Protestant, which would include but not limited to: Baptist, Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Mennonite, United Church of Christ, Lutheran, Quaker, etc.). This should be the most substantial part of your paper. Points: 30

#4 Conclusion – What outcome has taken place with your topic (if one is not already available) and define both the positive and negative consequences of the outcome. In your conclusion, you need to take the time to tie all things together. You could possibly suggest a better outcome as well. Points: 20


1. 8 pages (this number does not include, title page, abstract and reference section)

2. Double-spaced

3. 12” font

4. Times Roman

5. APA format

6. Title page 

7. Reference page

8. An Abstract is needed so that you can stay on track and I know what/where you are going in the paper.  The due date is listed on your schedule. Abstract is less than 300 words and contains all parts of your rubric. Again, It tells the reader where you will be going in the paper. APA no longer requires an abstract for papers such as these, but I believe they are very helpful. You do not need to include the abstract in the final paper, but you might as well if you took the time to write it.

APA format and at least 3 scholarly sources. 

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