2 repliesto other students. Due Thursday Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Respond to

2 replies
to other students.
Due Thursday
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Respond to other student 1
There is the
International Criminal Court, which is an independent permanent body based in The Hague, aiming to provide justice to the victims and punishment to the criminals worldwide. The biggest issue the ICC is facing today is the lack of support by many great powers, most notably the United States. The USA is one a few democratic countries that is not a member of this institution, and it is the one that definitely affects the work of the Court .
Calling for an international criminal court
On 17 December 1996 the UN General Assembly (GA) scheduled a diplomatic conference to be held in 1998, with a goal to finalize the adoption of a convention that would establish an international criminal court. Consequently, the Preparatory Committee was created by the GA, which stressed the cooperative spirit of the international community in its reports later on.
Crimes against humanity and genocides were again being committed, despite of the abolishment of those war practices and the establishment of the UN decades before (Begbeder 1999, p. 186). To be more precise, two years prior to the UN’s decision to establish an international criminal court, the world had experienced the two most horrific events that occurred after WWII: the Rwandan genocide and the Bosnian war. Hence, this lack of effective and fair national justice in many countries led to severe atrocities resulted in the need of the international community to establish an international court, whose birth is considered to be a significant victory as well as a historical advance for international justice (Begbeder 1999, p. 186-7).
Respond to student 2
An example of an international criminal justice system would be the WCRP (War Crime Rewards Program) which works with the U.S. department of state that provides rewards for any information and conviction against individuals who have been charged with international crimes and were arrested and convicted in any country, or transferred by the international criminal tribunal. each county has their own way of handling international crimes, and the relationships between the countries determine its responsibilities and cooperation. The difference between international courts and the U.S. are the laws, the rules and the court proceedings. With international courts, they focus on the well being and safety of their country, and ensure their nations security. If the U.S. were to enact its policies and practices, that would leave a major disconnect between the two as well as the U.S. having to be responsible for their own crimes (especially if it is a U.S. citizen that commits the crime). The U.S. typically gets involved when it is deemed necessary, however to avoid unable invasion on both parts, each country usually handles the crime in the way they feel the law in their country needs to be or should be upheld.

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