2. The findings must include: a What is the key element Give a complete description. b The section of the

2. The findings must include:
a) What is the key element? Give a complete description.
b) The section of the ACA/PPA in which the key element is found
c) The regulations in which the key element is found
d) How does it impact health care administrators?
e) List at least three links that give information on this key
element, and provide detail about the information from the link.
f) The team must also include sources from which they took
information and put these sources into correct APA format.
Pick 1 Key elements of the Affordable Care Act/Patient Protection Act:
Patient Bill of Rights
Accountable Care Organizations
Expanding the Primary Care Workforce
Community Care Transitions Program
Paying Physicians Based on Value Not Volume
Compliance and Ethics Programs
Individual Mandate
8. Essential Health Care Benefits Required

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