Audi Motor company: Size, sector and type of business

Research notes outlining research undertaken using a variety of independent sources of information to prepare the presentation. The notes should provide evidence of the research undertaken and its substance. Notes should be in methodical structure mirroring the PowerPoint slides; the notes should be organised thematically. Short paragraphs providing information to substantiate the points made on […]

CYBER SECURITY: Either DDOS or Ransomware.

1- Choose just one topic from Telstra report: either DDOS or Ransomware. Having two will not bring extra points. Better to choose one and explain better. 2- Excluding Chapters 1 and 2, the rest is all about the Cybersecurity! As I explained in the class, whole report should be dedicated to the chosen topic (either […]

Growing the Business with Search, Semantic, and Recommendation

Description Leveraging Search Technologies  Identify an organization that is using at least one online search technology. Briefly describe the organization, and then answer these questions: -Of the various types of search technologies, which ones are they utilizing? -Why is the organization using these technologies? What are the benefits? -What are some metrics the organization could […]

Individual Report Analysing the Entrepreneur—–Kylie Jenner

Description Assignment is about identifying the critical capabilities, of enterprising people e.g. Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs or Captains of Industry. You are to choose an Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur or Captain of Industry from any industry that you have an interest in; then, with reference to the various academic theories, models and associated literature you are to critically analyse […]

Advances in Cognition.

Description 1) List and describe at least 5 specific activities or skills that kids learn to do with “automaticity” in middle childhood. (Ex. Learning the time’s tables in math). 2) Why is developing automaticity important? What did you do with automaticity today? 3) Try to come up with a few activities that you (or kids […]

Introduction to global health

Description After review Chapters, we should understand that the social determinants of health are real, and they have real consequences. Watch two related videos on social determinants of health below. One was given by Prof Michael Marmot and another one was provided by WHO. After you watch the videos, discuss in this forum: What you […]

The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingua

Description Learning two or more languages can be beneficial to cognition in several ways. After reading the textbook and the article The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual, sum up some of the major findings of research on being bilingual. For example, what advantages or disadvantages do bilinguals have? Given what you have learned about being […]

develop conceptual model

Description write conceptual model in phishing attacks, objective Instructions:- 1-  develop a conceptual model a thorough review of previous research on the variables involved. You review the literature and found gaps in the explanation of some phenomenon. The conceptual model allows you to present the research problem in light of a summary of the literature. […]

Social Media and Globalization

 This paper should answer the following questions: What is the relationship between social media and globalization? How has social media changed the way that social/political movements operate? Who benefits from social media use, and who doesn’t? Step 1 Search the MSU library webpage for peer-reviewed journal articles on this topic. Choose at least two relevant […]


Description Select ONE topic that we touched on in this lesson and do some of your own research for recent articles. There are a number of topics you could go into more depth on as examples: electric grid/smart grid coal and climate change coal vs natural gas plants base-load vs meeting peak demand clean coal […]