Political Theory and the Budget

 Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions, and Issues by Thomas M. Magstadt Chapters 2, 3 (pgs 56-59),  scholarly sources you identify through your own research Initial Post Instructions Explain how a libertarian and conservative would approach developing the US budget. Use evidence (cite sources) to support your response from […]

CISCO Healthcare

Prepare a COMPANY PROFILE for a healthcare organization that is involved with technology applied to healthcare. Sections MUST INCLUDE company name, HQ location; HIS/T business; annual revenues (best over multiple years so we can tell if there is growth – maybe a chart?); total employees; featured HIS/T software/device/service; future plans; and most importantly your thoughts […]

Critical issues in public health

 This is just course work so please just answer questions . Thank you. Remember the initial component is generally opinion-based, where I’d like you to share with us more about your beliefs based on your personal and professional experiences. The first part of the Module 5 discussion question is similarly driven by your unique sentiments […]

The reasons behind high employee turnover in the hospitality industry

Research Assignment Objective: Each student will be responsible for researching and writing a paper profiling a sub-topic pertinent to the overall discipline of hospitality management. The objective of this assignment is for the student to develop ideas, research, organize and evaluate information. The students are required to make judgements, develop a point of view, and […]

Child Psychology developmental process of toy stimulation

REQUIRED COURSE TEXT: Lightfoot, C., Cole, M., & Cole, S.R., (2012). The development of children, (7th ed.). New York: Worth Publishers. (ISBN-10: 1-4292-4328-7) T The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the course content in a meaningful way and to assess your understanding regarding the milestones that a child during infancy (i.e., […]

ACEs and resilience

 (1)Create a reflective assignment about the experience reading about ACEs and the quiz by using Drawing – https://sketch.io/sketchpad/ (Links to an external site.) Then, incorporate the concept of resilience and the quiz results* into your submission. How does your resilience relate to your ACEs? (2)Write a brief paragraph summary of this assignment, detailing why you […]

Eric Fromme’s “Afterword”1984

After reading Eric Fromme’s “Afterword” to 1984 and 1984, choose one of the following prompts, and write a carefully considered and clearly argued response. Requirements: 1. Your essay should comprise at least two, typed pages. (It will take this much to fully articulate a thorough, yet focused, response.) 2. Be sure to build from a […]

Immigrants: Backbone of America

 This is a statistic: Immigrants are 15.7 percent more likely to work these “off” hours than American-born workers, according to a new study to be released this week. They are 25.2 percent more likely to cover weekend shifts — compared with native-born workers with similar demographic characteristics such as education level, location, and whether they are […]

Film review- PBS documentary Sick Around America

 Health Management Film Review Essay APA format- Watch the PBS documentary Sick Around America and write a film review following the provided rubric below. Video link: https://www.pbs.org/video/frontline-sick-around-america/ What are the major problems (Cite at least 3) in the United States’ health care system? Why hasn’t it been “fixed”? (Completely and comprehensively responds with detailed explanation.) […]

Presidential Adviser

Textbook: Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions, and Issues by Thomas M. Magstadt Review Chapters 2, 3 (pgs 56-59), 13 Ebook login: Additional scholarly sources you identify through your own research Initial Post Instructions You are an advisor to the President tasked with cutting at least $300 billion from the budget. The president wants your recommendations to […]