Criminal Justice: Dealing with the Economic Downturn

The recent changes in the economic situation impact all governmental organizations, including criminal justice agencies. In this Assignment, you will apply organizational planning, theories of human motivation, proper ethical management decision making, and compliance with applicable law while utilizing sound management practices that maintain operational capabilities within the following scenario. You are the chief of […]

Present a compensation article

You are required to to present a compensation article. This handout will give you a few guidelines to follow as you go. Choose a journal article that you are interested in. The following journals contain some articles that would be suitable. There are also many others. Evaluation. Your paper is marked on the following criteria: […]

Plot separately data (1970 onwards) for fiscal spending on capital

a)     Please plot historical annual data on deficit to GDP ratios (1970 to today); and on national debt to GDP.  Comment on the results.  Compare to periods of recession in Canada. This is rather straight forward. I don’t really care what the deficit is in nominal terms.  A $10billion dollar deficits today is less today in RELATIVE terms […]

Civil Rights Movements: Propose a process to effectively collect data

This project has a clear argumentative statement each body paragraph raises a supporting point each body paragraph has a topic sentence that clear encapsulates the point of paragraph connects it to the central argument the research is smoothly incorporated into your project. Nothing seems to have been forced in arbitrarily. All quotes need to be […]

How do (and should) organisations buy?

The two short essays should address the following topics: How do (and should) organisations buy? Given your answer to the above, how do (and should) marketers respond? (The conclusion of the first essay is also the introduction of the second essay) The third component is an annotated bibliography. This should contain the full list of […]

The current performance of the selected organisation.

You will need to do (max 1300 words) that addresses the current issues and/or problems that the organisation is encountering. The report should be structured so that it focuses upon: 1. The current performance of the selected organisation. (150 words) 2. The organisation’s competitive environment. (350 words) 3. The reasons for the current performance (this […]

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a significant piece of legislation that made discrimination illegal. The law prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, or religion. One of the challenges that managers face is recognizing discrimination. When first written, Title VII focused primarily on African-Americans and Caucasians. However, as immigrants […]

Connections Essay: Chris McCandless and Self-Reliance

We have spent this first unit exploring some of the “greats” of nature writing through the eyes of Chris McCandless (from the movie “Into the WIld” and discussed the ways in which their works influenced his life and his journey to the Alaskan wilderness. In this essay you will select one of discuss the connections […]

Criminal Justice: Civil versus Criminal Liability

Criminal justice agencies and practitioners can be held criminally and civilly liable for their actions. It is important to know the difference as well as how each relates to criminal justice agencies and practitioners. Write a 5–6 page paper that: Identifies the principles of criminal law, providing specific examples Applies the identified principles of criminal […]

Risk Management: Hippa Compliance

Sources, a minimum of 4, must be used in the response. Each source must be cited within the body of the response. The response must be typewritten and double spaced. Students may submit their analysis for feedback prior to submitting the final document. To be assured of obtaining the feedback with ample time to make […]