4 DQ 1 Lauren Underwood is a nurse who made

 4 DQ 1

Lauren Underwood is a nurse who made the decision to join the race for a political position. As an American politician and registered nurse who serves as the U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 14th congressional district as a member of the Democratic Party (GovTrack.us., 2021). Congresswoman Underwood serves on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and the House Committee on Appropriations. Congresswoman Underwood co-founded and co-chairs the Black Maternal Health Caucus, which elevates the Black maternal health crisis within Congress and advances policy solutions to improve maternal health outcomes and end disparities (GovTrack.us.,2021). Its provisions could have become law by being included in another bill. It is common for legislative text to be introduced concurrently in multiple bills (called companion bills), re-introduced in subsequent sessions of Congress in new bills, or added to larger bills (GovTrack.us.,2021). Political advocacy can at times be discouraging when facts or research are discredited or agendas are challenged. It is wise to anticipate these types of setbacks and to be prepared with an appropriate response (Abood, 2007).

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