4 pages – 4 references APA7 mplete your data analysis.

4 pages – 4 references APA7

 mplete your data analysis. You will also explain to the organization what you will need in order to put your new data analysis process in place. (Be as detailed as possible and use the Analytics Strategy Template to check your work.)8. Data Analysis for Strategic decision making

  1. Complete the data analysis (attach your tables or data representations as appendices to your paper as Appendices)
  2. Begin writing your proposal for how the organization will use the information you
  3. Describe how the new process you are creating will collect and analyze the data
  4. Discuss what you found out from the data analysis and explain it to managers so that they can use it for decision making
  5. Present your findings in a usable way using at least 1 or 2 charts or graphs.
  6. The completion of the data analysis should lead to a discussion on how you plan to manage this in the future in order to improve healthcare delivery.

9. Team and Training

  1. Describe the people and skills that the organization will need in order to implement the new data analytics process that you are proposing
  2. Explain the organizational considerations for implementing the new processes to use data to improve health delivery services

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