Access the 2018 Nathional Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reort https:www.ahrq.govresearchfindingsnhqrdrnhqdr18index.htmlLinks to an external site.. Read through the executive summary and

Access the 2018 Nathional Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reort (
(Links to an external site.)).
Read through the executive summary and provide a 2 paragraph summary of the findings.
Follow this up by selecting one the six areas addressed in the appendix A and provide a two paragraph summary.
Appendix A.1. Access to Care
Appendix A.2. Quality Trends
Appendix A.3. Disparities: Race and Ethnicity
Appendix A.4. Disparities: Income
Rubric for Weekly Assignment / Case Studies
Points Earned
Points Possible
Explain the current situation
Answer specific questions relevant to the case
Describe the manager’s approach (if asked
Evaluate the manager’s approach, making recommendations for improvement
Support arguments from textbook and scholarly literature
Demonstrate effective written communication with APA style formatting – Include a title page, abstract, content pages, and reference sheet
Appendix A.5. Disparities: Insurance Status
Appendix A.6. Disparities: Residence Location
Your submission should be completed in a professional manner, well thought out and presented.

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