According to literature by Masters 2015 there are several key terms that will become beneficial for you to understand: Assumptions

According to literature by Masters (2015), there are several key terms that will become beneficial for you to understand:

Conceptual Model
Derivable consequences
Empirical Precision

Human Being (Person)
Philosophies of nursing
Masters (2015) has illustrated that conceptual models and nursing theories are specific to our profession. Please be aware that there are non-nursing models that have influenced our profession. There was some thought alteration regarding the theoretical thought process of the nursing profession. As you know our discipline has foundations stemming from physiological, biological, and social sciences.
Please review this video on The Foundations of Theory accessible by the following link:
Some of the theories that are highlighted include:
General Systems Theory
Social Cognitive Theory
Stress and Coping Theory
General Adaption Syndrome
Nurses have adopted or extracted concepts from these theories and have incorporated them into their foundations (Masters, 2015).
There is a large range of nursing theorist and their theories expand across classifications of Grand Nursing Theories, Middle Range Theories, and Practice Level Theories. Their models cover academic discipline, research, and professional issues. In a review of choosing, evaluating and implementing nursing theories for practice, please access and review the following link regarding nursing theorists and theories. Here you will find useful information regarding our class topic.
Nursing Theories and Theorist
Florence Nightingale
Classified as an early theorist, Florence Nightingale developed the environmental theory. Her theory consisted of thirteen canons. If you take a moment to review these thirteen canons, you can see how they apply both directly/indirectly to our nursing care today. This is a primary example of how theory supports our practice.
Please take a moment to review Nightingale’s Environmental Model of Caring in her textbook as you prepare for your class discussion that is due January 18, 2020. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
“Foundations of Theory.” (2014, March 13). Retrieved January 12, 2020, from
Masters, K. (2015).
Nursing theories: A framework for professional practice. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Wayne, G. (2020, January 2). Nursing Theories and Theorists: An Ultimate Guide for Nurses. Retrieved from

Question #1
Please make certain that you follow all grading rubrics and assignment requirements. Initial posts should be 250 words and responses should be at least 150 words. A reference should support your statement.
This is a two-part discussion question
Based on your nursing practice specialty, which nursing theorist/theory might align with your current career.
Nightingale considered the discipline of nursing to be both an art and a science, Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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