After completing your Negotiation RolePlay write a 1page reflection paper. In your paper review your negotiation tactic and your partners

After completing your Negotiation Role-Play, write a 1-page reflection paper. In your paper, review your negotiation tactic and your partners negotiation tactic. Explain how you selected your tactic, if and/or how it changed throughout the conversation, your comfort level with the outcome, and what, if anything, you would have changed.
For this reflection, you may use a conversational narrative; no specific formatting is required. You will be graded on your understanding of the material and your ability to synthesize class readings, discussions, and the negotiation experience. Submit your completed paper to this assignment.
Due: Sunday of Week 8, midnight (CT)
Below is the role play myself and my another student had.
Everett Johnson
Everett Johnson
Apr 22, 2020Apr 22 at 12:41pmManage Discussion Entry
My Name is Everett Johnson, I will be the Supplier Representative. I represent Beta, one of the leading cardboard manufacturer in the area.
LaShanda LewisLaShanda Lewis
Apr 26, 2020Apr 26 at 6:53pmManage Discussion EntryGood Evening!
My name is LaShanda Lewis. I am a buyer with John Doe Inc Logo. Hopefully we can do business.
Everett JohnsonEverett Johnson
Apr 29, 2020Apr 29 at 2:33pmManage Discussion EntryThanks for your response Ms. LaShanda as I also look forward to doing business. I found your contact information via LinkedIn as we share several groups in common and I noticed that you also know Jane from Depot who is a college that I have worked with for years. Just to give you a brief overview, our products are entirely made in the US in one of our multiple factories and then stored in one of the nationwide warehouses. Beta wants to get a clear understanding of your organizations needs and what volumes of orders you are seeking to fulfill?Edited by Everett Johnson on May 2 at 3:50pm
LaShanda LewisLaShanda Lewis
May 1, 2020May 1 at 6:49amManage Discussion EntryGood Morning,
I appreciate your response. I am a buyer with John Doe, Inc. We are in a high demand business of cardboard supplier. I currently have some very high profile contracts that are relying on us and in return I am looking for a reliable and dedicated company to assist with my demand. I need to feel and supply 4,000 units of corrugated cardboard in 6 days. Is this possible for you all?
I have
heard nothing but great things about your Company from fellow business workers and your desire to ensure your customers are well taken care of.
Everett JohnsonEverett Johnson
May 1, 2020May 1 at 8:02amManage Discussion EntryGood morning,
Here at Beta we have a 3 business day lead time for an order of this size so yes, we can meet the 6 day deadline requirement. The cost is $1.30 per product piece of corrugated cardboardwith and additional $35 shipping fee. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.Edited by Everett Johnson on May 1 at 8:15am
LaShanda LewisLaShanda Lewis
May 1, 2020May 1 at 9:03pmManage Discussion EntryMr. Johnson, that’s
great with my product being on time. I was doing some research and I believed I saw first time customers would receive 10 percent off per each piece of cardboard purchased on their first order. This would be so good and would also allow me to spread would great business you all offer as well as continue to be a reoccurring customer.
Everett JohnsonEverett Johnson
May 2, 2020May 2 at 5:55amManage Discussion EntryYour research served you well Miss. Lewis. Yes, that is correct t first time buyers do receive a 10
% discount per product piece on the first order! If the purchasing terms look good and you agree Beta can send over the invoice and get the ball rolling to ensure that you receive your order on time. Please let me know if you have any additional questions, I look forward to continue working with you and John Doe Inc and the long business relationship to come.Edited by Everett Johnson on May 2 at 8:50am
LaShanda LewisLaShanda Lewis
May 2, 2020May 2 at 7:30amManage Discussion EntryMr. Johnson,
That sounds great let’s get the ball rolling. If you could please send the paperwork over right away so we can begin everything it has been great working with you and I look forward to continuing this business relationship.

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