Animal-assisted interventions (AAI)

Individually, visit a website from the list below that offers animal-assisted interventions (AAI) or animal-assisted therapy (AAT). Review three of the websites. Compose a written review of the sites that you have reviewed. Describe each site, including location. Describe how AAI or AAT benefits a specific group of people or an individual client. Describe the credentials of the association. Describe the type of animal or animals that are used in the AAI or AAT events. Describe how the animals are cared for in between sessions, and any special precautions that are taken. Also include in your report, what the association does, a little about its history, and the programs that are offered. Include the requirements for becoming a therapy team (animal + animal handler) in each of the websites that you review. Write a conclusion that is a reflection of what you have learned from reviewing these websites. Has this research made you more aware of the depth of AAI or AAT? How and Why . . . or Why Not?

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