APA document for tomorrow afternoon Case Study Chapter 5 EvidenceBased Practice Two professional registered nurses are interested in evidencebased

APA document for tomorrow afternoon
Case Study, Chapter 5, Evidence-Based Practice
Two professional registered nurses are interested in evidence-based practice and have developed research questions to study.
The nurses discuss what evidence-based practice is all about and are trying to determine if the organizational culture supports nurses who seek out and use research to change long-standing practices that are rooted in tradition rather than science.
1. What is the best explanation of the difference between evidence-based practice and best practices?
2. The two registered nurses review a variety of research studies to answer their proposed research questions. What is the difference in the efficacy of randomized controlled trials, integrative reviews, or meta-analysis with practice-based evidence for continuous process improvement?
3. The registered professional nurses must consider alternative support mechanisms when searching for the best evidence to support their clinical practice. What are possible mechanisms of support for evidence-based practice?
Describe the challenges that exist today for nurses in implementing evidence-based practice?

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