Are interventions for lowincome groups effective in changing healthy eating physical activity and smoking behavioursNSW car rental company database was

Are interventions for low-income groups effective in changing healthy eating, physical activity and smoking behaviours?NSW car rental company database was developed in 2010. The database system contains information about all staff and customers that have rented a car from the NSW car rental company as well as the details of the vehicles that are on loan and vehicles that are available for rental.Each staff of the NSW rental company can book a car for rental for a customer. For each vehicle rented the following details are stored by NSW car rental company. These details are: registration no of the vehicle, customer number, data borrowed, return date, total cost of rental, staff number of staff that made the booking, terms and conditions for vehicle rental.Identify all entities and their attribute.(b) Draw an E-R (Entity-Relationship) diagram.

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