Assignment Content Resource: Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 2 Grading Guide Purpose of Assignment The Week 4 Learning

Assignment Content
Resource: Preparing to Conduct Business Research, Part 2 Grading Guide
Purpose of Assignment
The Week 4 Learning Team Assignment is a continuation of the assignment started in Week 3.
Students will take the next steps in the research of their selected problem or situation and tackle the hypothesis and variables.
This also includes an examination of the ethical considerations.
Ethical implications of a research project are something that impacts all areas of research and business and students should consider this in any research project.
Assignment Steps
on the Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 1 team assignment from Week 3.
feedback from your instructor.
a 700-word assessment of the business research problem.
the following:
Determine the key business objectives.
Identify the questions that must be researched.
Determine the hypotheses and variables that must be considered.
Identify the ethical considerations that must be considered.
Discuss the implications of the ethical considerations.
Define the purpose of the research.
Determine the research design approach that will be used.
Determine if the key variables are qualitative, quantitative or both.
Define the variables from an operational standpoint.
your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.
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