Assignment Instructions Annotated Bibliography You will submit an annotated bibliography for 2 of your sources for the week 7 paper.

Assignment Instructions
Annotated Bibliography
You will submit an annotated bibliography for 2 of your sources for the week 7 paper.
Each source will have the correct citation entry for the citation style you are using, as well as an annotation, which is made of a paragraph or two telling the reader about the source.
One (1) of the sources should be a peer-reviewed piece from a journal in the APUS Library.
To help you gather sources, review the assignment description for the week 7 analysis paper.
Pay special attention to the article linked there and the steps for identifying your problem. Here is the link to the article: Looking for Trouble: Finding Your Way into a Writing Assignment. This piece shows how to write about solving a problem, using the steps of noticing, articulating, posing questions, and identifying what is at stake.
After you have identified your problem, you can start choosing your sources and build an annotated bibliography.
Here are the steps you will take to build your annotated bibliography:
First, determine what kind of source you are using. Is it a book? Journal article? Blog? Using one of the citation guides in the APUS Library, find the model that matches your source. Hint: if you are looking at your source on your computer, you will go to the category of electronic sources to start looking.
Copy that model and paste it into your bibliography.
Then put your source in the correct citation format, following the model you just copied and pasted.
Finally, write a brief annotation of that source.
The annotation should describe the main ideas covered in the source as well as an evaluation by you for the sources usefulness for your project. The handout attached below has more information about what should be in the annotation.
Please be sure that one (1) of your sources is a peer-reviewed article from a journal in the APUS Library.
Follow the student example included below. You will see the model, the citation, and then the annotation for the source.
The rubric shown below shows that you will be graded on having the model for the citation format, so don’t forget to include it.
The attachment Peer Review Defined has helpful information from the APUS Library on peer-reviewed sources.
The attachment how to handout has some helpful tips on what to include in an annotation.
Submit your assignment as a Word document attached to the assignment link so it can be processed on Turnitin.
Sample Annotation.
Each of your entries should follow the format below.
Sally Student
ENGL 110
Annotated Bibliography- MLA
Model from APUS Citation Guide (MLA)

Author last name, first name. Book title. City: publisher, year. Medium.
Calkins, Lucy.
Raising Lifelong Learners: A Parents Guide.
Reading: Addison-Wesley

Lucy Calkins is a noted teacher and researcher in reading and writing. Her book is a guide for parents, helping them to work with their childrens schools to create a positive learning environment and a lifelong love of learning in their children.
Topics covered include fostering learning and curiosity in mathematics, science, social studies, reading, and writing.
Calkins’ work also offers advice on school curriculum and testing. By providing specific examples of parental involvement, this book will help support the assertion that parents need to play a strong role in their childrens education.

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