ASSIGNMENT: Prepare a twopage annotated bibliography of research on a specific topic related to a mass media problem. Include 46

ASSIGNMENT: Prepare a two-page annotated bibliography of research on a specific topic related to a mass media problem. Include 4-6 credible, verifiable sources. Your sources should include at least one print source, one web site, and one article found using the Lexis/Nexis database.
TOPIC: Research a problem which relates to one or more of the mass media covered in class. Be able to identify this problem with a specific thesis sentence. I expect you to include this sentence at the top of your annotated bibliography.
Sample topics:
“Digital Video Recorders are making it harder for advertisers to reach consumers.” “Illegal file-sharing is causing the recorded music industry to shrink.”
Do not exceed two pages, and do not double-space the document. Include your name, class time—including the days of the week that the class meets–and due date at the top of the page, as well as the sentence that expresses your topic. Organize your bibliographic information according to MLA format.
You will be graded on the following aspects of your paper.
1.) Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, MLA format, etc.)
2.) Following Directions (How well does your paper conform to the directions presented herein?)
3.) Analysis and understanding of research and mass media topic
For information about annotated bibliographies, you might check the following web site:
How To Prepare An Annotated Bibliography
For information about MLA citations, you might check out the following web site:
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Avoid plagiarism! Your annotations should be your own, original work.
The research that you find should be credible and appropriate for college work.
Your textbook will not count as your print source, nor will any book you read for extra credit in this class.
• Do not choose as your topic any of the sample topics presented in this paper or as examples in class.
• You are expected to read completely any work that you are annotating. (Or view/listen completely if it’s non-text based media, such as a documentary film.)
• The goal here is to access and evaluate research about a media problem, not to find examples of the problem.

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