Assignment Steps Scenario:The team is a crossfunctional team interested in conducting a research project. The team must prepare a detailed

Assignment Steps
The team is a cross-functional team interested in conducting a research project. The team must prepare a detailed proposal and presentation for the executive team that details the scope, magnitude, and feasibility of the project as well as the potential approach.
an issue, opportunity, or problem facing one of the team members place of employment or organization with which the team is familiar.
My scenario for week 3:
An established local restaurant has a high enough demand that they are considering opening a second location overlapping the edges of their current delivery range.
They are looking at areas with current high delivery orders in order to capitalize on the existing customer base while also expanding beyond that into a new market.
They would like to research which area would be most beneficial by analyzing current delivery trends, combined with forecasting what potential new customers would be reachable and the impact this new location would have on business at the existing location.
My scenario for week 3:
Lets assume an airline company that faces a crisis such as the one occurring right now in real world. There are less and less people buying tickets and travel thus transportation business is in rough shape. Revenue fades away and a lot of employees are getting laid off. The research team has to come up with a solution to perhaps overhaul the way company is doing business or look for some alternatives.

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