Candidate completes Task 1TEMPLATE (ELE is used in this course,

Candidate completes Task 1TEMPLATE (ELE is used in this course, not SPE)

  • Candidate prepares 3-5 lesson plans, instructional materials, and assessment(s)
  1. Remember the focus of Task 1 is to include three lessons in a learning segment.

Let me Break it Down for You:

  • Identify a learning segment of 3 consecutive lessons to plan, teach, and analyze. You need to have 3 lessons plans that relate by a topic, subject, theme or follow sequentially from one day to the next
    • Example: A lesson plan for Monday, lesson plan for Tuesday, and lesson plan for Wednesday all on the same book.
  • Identify a central focus for the learning segment:
    • an essential literacy strategy for comprehending text OR composing text AND
    • the related skills needed to develop and apply the strategy in meaningful contexts.
    • This means when you explain your learning segment in the “commentary document”, you are clearly discussing how the lessons RELATE.
    • In many cases, students in the course cannot use all three lessons from the course. It is imperative for task 1 that a LEARNING SEGMENT  is seen and the candidate understands what that means.

Must prepare a learning segment of 3 consecutive lesson plans for ELE-literacy (reading comprehension or writing composition only) lessons

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