Critical issues in public health

 This is just course work so please just answer questions . Thank you. Remember the initial component is generally opinion-based, where I’d like you to share with us more about your beliefs based on your personal and professional experiences. The first part of the Module 5 discussion question is similarly driven by your unique sentiments so that you can begin the discussion immediately without having completed all of your readings just yet. 1.HIV/AIDS has reached epidemic status in many parts of the world. From a public health standpoint, why has HIV/AIDS been such a difficult disease to prevent and control? Do you think we will ever be successful in eradicating HIV/AIDS? 2. Bioterrorism, as we learned in Module 4, is a constant threat. A disease like smallpox can make a come back at any time. In your opinion, is public health devoting enough time and attention on how to control an ‘eradicated disease’ from re-merging? What efforts are lacking?

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