earch for an online news article that relates to a

earch for an online news article that relates to a particular chapter / unit from the course. The news article must be published on the same day that you make your forum post. You should read the posts that are made before yours, because if you reference the same news article as a student who posted before you, you must choose to link that article to a different unit from the course.

Make a post to the Assignment 14 Forum that links a current news article to one of the units / chapters of this course and includes the following:

1. A link to the article, making sure that no previous student has posted that article and connected it to the same unit you’re going to use and making sure the link works

2. A brief summary of the article (published on the day of your post), in your own words

3. State which single unit your are linking this article to (available units include: What is Anthropology?, Culture, Doing Anthropology, Language and Communication, Folklore, Making a Living, Political Systems, Families/Kinship/Marriage, Gender, Religion, Ethnicity and Race, Applying Anthropology, World System/Colonialism/Inequality, or, Anthropology’s Role in a Globalizing World.)

4. Describe the ways in which the article relates to content presented in that learning unit. This might include: how content from the unit can help explain events described in the article, what terms from that unit could be applied to describe that item of news, similarities between the events described in the article and case studies or examples from that unit, etc.

Your analysis of the relationship between the article and the unit you choose should go into significantly greater depth than just listing related terms (i.e. if there’s an article about a pastry shop being set on fire in Italy, choosing the unit on political systems and saying: Italy is a state, there is a law against arson, and owning a pastry shop is an example of achieved status is not good enough).

Stick to the single unit you’ve chosen. Points will also be deducted for not pointing out significant connections that exist between the unit.

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