Experiential Paper 1 (due end of Week 2): Compose a


  1. Experiential Paper 1 (due end of Week 2): Compose a 2000 word paper detailing the individual experience of giving up something of value for 72

You will need to indicate within the general Discussions Module called, “What Are You Giving up?,” specifically what you are going to give up or stop doing that is meaningful to you (-30% on paper if you don’t state this during the first week under the designated module or respond to questions that I might have about your selection). Questions must be addressed, and I must give you approval before proceeding.

You will select some meaningful (to you) substance, food, behavior, or habit and remain abstinent from it for 72 hours. You need to Journal your personal experiences, thoughts, feelings, and actions in relation to the abstinence (giving-up) process and provide a chronicle record of your experience. Your paper has three distinct parts: Part 1: The paper should start with an overall discussion what it was like for you to do this and observations (thoughts, feelings, etc.). Part 2: After the discussion, please provide a chronological account of your experience (this should include the immediate thoughts, feelings, behaviors, cravings, triggers, struggles related to abstinence at that given time. For example:

“6:00 AM Instead of getting up and making coffee, I kept busy doing chores around the house. I had a strong urge to have coffee, as if something was missing in my life. I also felt as if I wasn’t going to wake-up. I currently have a headache after 48 hours without it. I use coffee to ease into the day, but I also use for other reasons too…..;

“2:00Pm. I have a difficult time not having a specialty coffee drink in the afternoon, when we go out with my friends from work. I feel anxious when I don’t drink or eat when others are enjoying something; and I also see it as a major way of being social. It is hard for me to set a limit when someone tries to insist me doing something.

You can not combine the Parts. You must have a separate chronological account. Remember to discuss your physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive (what you were thinking) reactions.

Part 3: This is worth 10% of the grade. What insights do you have about your own challenge in giving up a habit in comparison to someone who is addicted to alcohol? Why might it be more than just will-power? 

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