Health Care Research: Evidence-Based Practice Assignment

Olympic Evidence-Based Practice Assignment: Case Study Olympic athletes depend on the latest science to drive elite performance. Whether it be nutritional sciences, biomechanics, ergonomics, skill acquisition, equipment, strength and conditioning, etc – athletes use the science to gain a competitive edge.

This assignment is to be done individually. Your assignment: ‐ Based on your own area of interest – nutrition, biomechanics, equipment, clothing, training, etc, research ONE “practice” that is based on evidence, that an Olympic athlete is using to improve his/her performance. Write a 3-5 page brief on the topic of your choice.

‐ Describe the evidence that is available, how it is being used to improve performance by athletes. ‐ Does it actually work? What does the evidence say, and what do the performance results say? ‐ References must be in APA format Example:

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