Hello class. I am Mitchel. I am an active duty

Hello class. I am Mitchel. I am an active duty Airman and part time student. I am an intelligence analyst in the Air Force and I want to work in the Federal side of Criminal Justice when I get out of the Air Force. That is why I am pursuing a Criminal Justice degree.

One communication example I have used to solve an issue in a professional setting is through Email. At work, there have been multiple instances where a simple email has solved a scheduling conflict or work-based misunderstanding. Sometimes I am not able to talk in person with the person I need to talk to so email works just fine.

Another example, also at work, I had a one on one discussion, with a moderator present, to resolve a conflict. Someone misinterpreted what I said and was offended by my comments. One on one we discussed the misunderstanding and were able to resolve the issue and there has been no further conflicts. I chose to talk to this person one on one rather than in front of everyone because privacy .

In each of your two peer responses, identify another communication style, method, or approach that could have been used in one of your peer’s examples. Include whether or not you think the outcome of the communication would have been changed with this other approach and why.

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