In a document in MLA format saved in Word or


In a document in MLA format saved in Word or PDF, answer the following: 2 pages minimum. 

1. Describe your educational experience. Did you go to public or private school? Do you feel like you received a good education? What factor did your family’s economic situation play into your education.? Would you have gone to a better school if your family could afford to move? Did you feel stuck in a certain school because of your neighborhood?

2. In Oklahoma, tax money from certain areas funds the public schools in those areas. Places with higher property values have more tax money, so nicer areas of town have more money for public schools than others. Do you think funding should work this way? What obstacles would lawmakers face if they decided to fund schools differently by giving equal funding to each school?

3. Revisit John Rawls’ justice as fairness model (pp.323-325). How would Rawls decide which schools get more or less money? Would he want lawmakers to make decisions by listening to the parents in those schools who could receive more or less funding?

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