In the Unit 2 Lab assignment, we continued to learn


In the Unit 2 Lab assignment, we continued to learn how to analyze wireless traffic using Wireshark and also began learning how to analyze wireless traffic using the NetWitness Investigator Tool. I began with practicing loading a file of traffic that Wireshark had previously captured. We reviewed previously captured ones so that all students were were following the same instructions. There is so much information to look at it can be a bit overwhelming. I am still finding that I have trouble using the Wireshark application, even after thoroughly following instructions. The introduction to the NetWitness Investigator Tool seemed a bit easier to follow. I was capturing the same packet information that I viewed in the first step when using WireShark. There was obviously a little trial and error involved, but I feel a little better about using this tool than WireShark. It appears to be a little more user friendly, but that could be because it isn’t all information overload on the menu. It appears to be displayed a littler easier to read. I still feel a little lost when it comes to most of the information that I am trying to find. This information is important to the cybersecurity field because it can provide important information to where a criminal hacker may be located or what it is exactly they are trying to achieve. It more or less shines a little light into the dark spaces of the internet.

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