iPremier: Denial of Service Attack

1. A brief summary of the situation

2. Analysis of key problems, risks, priorities, and course of action

3. Alternatives and recommendations Following are general topics to consider when assessing this case. • Key players • Technical terminology and events 

• Human perceptions and tendencies in crisis situations • Company stakes and priorities • Managing before, during and after the crisis Following are specific questions to consider in analyzing this case: • What was at stake for iPremier? Identify the business concerns that were at risk. • What were management’s priorities during the event? • What were the key problems during the event? • Were the company’s operating procedures sufficient in responding to this attack? What additional procedures might have been in place to handle the attack better? • What human perceptions and tendencies in crisis situations were illustrated? (e.g., denial, wishful thinking, political motivation, emotional responses, etc.) • In the aftermath of the attack, about what would you be worried? • What should be disclosed to customers and the public about the attack? • What actions should be taken regarding ongoing security and business continuity practices?

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