Is this a coincidence? Using a reality television program of your

3. The aughts, Emily Nussbaum observes, were characterized by a rise in artful programming, formal experimentation, and complex storytelling. It was the decade that television finally became recognizable as great art. At the same time, however, it was also the decade of Reality Television, a decidedly less-esteemed and more artless kind of programming. Is this a coincidence? Using a reality television program of your choice as a case study, explore the dimensions of the reality show format in relation to its conditions of production. Your essay should situate the rise and persistence of reality television within the larger economic landscape of the television industry.

4. Live programming has been a feature of television broadcasting since its inception. To what extent can television still be considered a “live” medium in the wake of the alternative modes of distribution in the post-Network Era? Does “liveness” continue to create drama, interest, or value? If so, under what circumstances? Using a particular case study (program, episode, special event) evaluate the significance of “liveness” to televisual form, and whether or not it continues to be a useful concept for understanding television

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