IT governance case analysis

 Governance and Change in Digital Business Assessment name: IT governance case analysis Size limit: 1,800 words (+-100 words) excluding reference list and cover sheet. Learning Objectives Assessed This assignment assesses the following course learning objectives. 1. Evaluate the performance of real world practice concerning IT Governance and Change Management strategies. 2. Determine and design activities supporting IT Governance that are mindful of contemporary change management theories. 3. Analyse, apply, and report on current IT governance concepts and frameworks for audit and compliance purposes. Details This is an individual assignment. Its purpose is to develop your capability to understand IT Governance and Change Management theories, frameworks and concepts. You will write a business report that seeks to offer solutions aimed at avoiding governance shortcomings in contemporary major IT projects and operations. Purpose: This project aims to have you: Research a real case study to: – determine the prevailing character of prevailing IT governance and change management practices -consider what scope, if any, exists to strengthen governance processes -examine governance and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes to ascertain which elements might most usefully be applied to offer adequate oversight of such IT operations in future. Pose evaluative questions that allow you to determine the current-state-of-the art of the issue that you have investigated. Identify up-to-date sources and evidence that support your analysis. Hone your investigative skills. Present your findings effectively. Task: The assignment requires you to develop a business report containing your analysis of the IT governance issues evident in the assessment case study. Your analysis should be based on how the principles found the standard AS ISO/IEC 38500:2016 are relevant to the case. Preparation 1. You should first read the case materials associated with Ultranet, which was an abortive ICT project undertaken by the Victorian Government. As you do so, take care to note what were significant governance failures in this venture. You will discover case details using this linkPreview the document. View those details as starting point which you can enrich with further research. 2. Next, you should familiarise yourself with the ICT governance standard AS ISO/IEC 38500:2016. The standard outlines a series of principles that should be applied when seeking satisfactory governance outcomes. This linkPreview the document takes you to the standard. Assignment challenge 3. Assignment scenario: Assume that you’ve been assigned as a consultant to advise the government if the application of the standard’s principles could have significantly improved project success and governance outcomes involving Ultranet. Further assume, that you were asked to make this assessment at mid 2018. Your assessment task is to write a business report concerning the applicability of this governance standard.

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