Letters to literature character

Topic Write 2 letter to literature character 

For this assign ment, you will TWO LETTERS, but the way and the perspective(such as the police who catch cabuliwallah or neibor of Salvatore… ,( each perspective have their limit information)) from which you write them is very important. You may choose from the following characters: 1/ Harrison Bergeron in” Harrison Bergeron” 2/ George Bergeron in ” Harrison Bergeron” 3/ Salvator in”Salvatore” 4/Mini in “The cabuliwallah” 5/ The Cabuliwallah in “The Cabuliwallah” 6/ The Narrator in”Fish Cheeks” The two charracters you chose to write to MUST BE FROM DIFFERENT STORIES. What to write: Each letter is to be written to a character within a story, and to DISCUSS SOMETHING THAT IS GOING ON IN THE STORY, AS THOUGH IT WERE REAL, AND YOU WERE A PART OF THE FICTIONAL WORLD IN THE STORY. In other words , you become a character in the story , but you are not writing a story, but writing to the character in the story.

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