Microaggressions are common in the workplace. Literally, each day there

 Microaggressions are common in the workplace. Literally, each day there are problems, issues, and conflict at work. Microaggressions can impact a person’s ability to do their job, sense of safety, and overall happiness. This type of behavior can be detrimental to any organization and have serious consequences for employees and employers. Micro-assaults are a type of discrimination, where actions are conscious, deliberate, explicit, and intend to oppress, humiliate, or discriminate against a target.

Imagine that your supervisor at your place of employment asked you to create a promotional tool that can be used to share the effects of microaggressions and the company’s policy on how to handle and resolve these issues.Your promotional tool should include the following:

  • the different types of conflict that can arise and examples of each,
  • the ways microaggressions can appear in the workplace,
  • the effects and costs,
  • tips for resolving the conflicts, and
  • your company’s policy on conflict and ways to handle and resolve issues.

 create a pamphlet with visuals. Two pages of text.

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