Motivation to Work What motivates you to get up every


Motivation to Work

What motivates you to get up every morning and do your best? Do you work hard for your family? For personal satisfaction and to meet personal goals? To earn more money? To be recognized by your peers and the community? There is a wide variety of elements that motivate people to work hard. Successfully managing a workforce requires managers to understand, acknowledge, and carefully implement rewards to motivate their employees to perform to the best of their abilities.

First, read Chapters 9 & 10 in the text.

Research the total compensation plan for the company you have chosen for your final project. Very briefly describe the elements they use to reward their employees (base pay, bonuses, time off, daycare, flex time, benefits, etc). Is their approach the best that it could be? If you were leading the company, what would you do to ensure their approach to motivating employees was fair and equitable? Is your approach financially feasible? Would you choose to be 100% transparent in your approach? Why or why not?

Review a minimum of two of your classmate’s posts and respond with additional insights, information, questions, or links to more information on the reward and motivation system they shared. Would their approach to motivating their employees work for your organization? Why or why not? Your responses should be academic in nature and linked to research and management topics discussed this week rather than personal stories of shopping with the company they chose for example.

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