My company i chose is first solar inc., please do it on this.  Assignment:Your project is to research a company that provides a product or service that

My company i chose is first solar inc., please do it on this. 

Assignment:Your project is to research a company that provides a product or service that directly addressesan environmental, health, or economic issue related to a chemistry topic we have covered (orwill cover) in the course. You will summarize your research in a report that 1) presents aproblem statement describing an environmental, public health, or economic challenge we arefacing, 2) introduces the company you selected and explains how their product or serviceaddresses the challenge and 3) discusses the importance of the product/service as well as itsthe benefits and limitations.

Project Format:• Length: a minimum of 1200 words, single spaced• All project components (listed in the next section) must be addressed in your paper.• A List of Sources should be included as a separate and final page of your report. Thispage does NOT count toward the 1200-word length requirement.Project Components:• Heading & Title: Include a title, your name and your lab section day/time.• Definition: Somewhere in the body of your report, you must include least 1 definitionof a chemistry term discussed in class. You must underline the definition in the report.• Problem Statement: Describe an environmental, public health, economic or other issuethat our society is currently facing. Explain the cause of the problem and the negativeimpacts on society. Use information from lecture, your textbook, in-class discussions,and your own research to explain your problem statement in detail.• Company & Product Summary: Provide a brief overview of the company you chose thatis addressing the issue described in your problem statement. Provide a detailedexplanation of the company’s specific product or service that is addressing the problem,including the chemistry/technology behind it.• Importance: Explain why the company’s product or service is important to society andhow it addresses the issue you explained in the problem statement. Discuss whatmakes this product/service innovative.• Limitations: Explain any limitations or drawbacks related to the product/service, suchas what challenges would be associated with large populations adopting this technologyor what new challenges would be created by the use of this product/service.• List of Sources: Your research must include at least 4 different reliable sources.Scholarly, peer reviewed publications are preferred. The reliability of your sources canbe evaluated using the OCRAAP method, explained here.* WILL BE SCANNED FOR AI 

o Provide a list of the sources (MLA format) you consulted as a separate pageo Your List of Sources DOES NOT count toward the 1200-word requiremen

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