NU30011 Nature of Nursing 3 Assessment

Newly Qualified Practitioners (NQPs) have a range of experiences in their transition from student to registered nurse. Having strategies to help manage these experiences and the issues raised, can ease the transition.


Referring to ONE of the module theme areas outlined below and using a broad range of up to date literature, write an essay of 3000 words that:


Presents an overview of the chosen module theme area in relation to nursing, and analyses the issues that a Newly Qualified Practitioner (NQP) may face in relation to this



Examines the support strategies relevant to the issues analysed that can aid with their transition into practice


You must choose from either Module theme area:


–            Practicing evidence based care




–           Professional role of the Nurse


You must clearly identify which you are discussing at the top of your essay (this is not included in the word count).


Also note that while only ONE module theme area may be chosen there may be some minor overlaps with other themes in the module.  Your key focus should remain on the selected area.

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