Oncology patient

Case Study: Oncology patient – Major Analysis 2 Situation: Mr. Jones went to radiation oncology for radiation to his prostate. As part of the treatment, patients having radiation oncology have “tattoos” to allow the technician to focus the treatment in the correct area. The area being tattooed was in the genital area. During the first visit, as the female technician was tattooing the patient, he made verbal sexual overtures. The female staff member was very uncomfortable with the suggestions the patient was making.

The female staff member remained professional in her work and conversation. Once the initial appointment was over the staff member went to the radiation oncologist (male) and said that she was very uncomfortable with the comments made. The radiation oncologist spoke with the patient, letting him know the technician was uncomfortable with the conversation. At that time the patient complained about the care provided. He said that he didn’t trust the staff and knew they were doing the treatment incorrectly. You are the Director of the Radiation Oncology service and are responsible for resolving this issue. Using the case analysis format, analyze the situation, make recommendations and plan implementation. Be sure to review the example attached in the water cooler.

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