oo Fat to Fish offers a raw, non-academic insight into


oo Fat to Fish offers a raw, non-academic insight into gender roles. As we have done earlier in this class, think of yourself as an anthropologist exploring issues of sexuality and power and reading Lang’s Too Fat to Fish. Use the MacKinnon piece to analyze some of what you read in Too Fat to Fish. In particular use MacKinnon (from week 5) to think about how male and female gender roles relate to sexual relationships and power between men and women. Does Lang fit in to MacKinnon’s analysis of power between men and women? When? and How?

Some aspects you may want to think about that relate to MacKinnon include but are not limited to: what Artie thinks it means to be a man, the struggles he faces in meetings his ideals of manhood, how sex can become entertainment and disassociated from desire for both men and women in the the battler party, how sex work does or does not fit into MacKinnon’s take on pornography.  (250 words minimum) 

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