opic 2 DQ 2 I think all aspects of religious

 opic 2 DQ 2

I think all aspects of religious beliefs and practices are a critical considerations for this patients. Previously, the religious affiliations to a patient were not regarded as having critical impact on a patient access to care. Nevertheless, the beliefs, rituals and the faith a patient has is reliable to the nature of care they receive. Clinicians do not often give attention to the religious views, spirituality or beliefs of a patients since they barley have impact on patient education from the perspective of a healthcare professional. Nevertheless, the current approach of shared decision making has shown critical impact when the values and preferences of a patients are incorporated into the decision making procedure (Kuipers et al., 2019). Although there may be a difference in religious beliefs between a patients and the healthcare professional, the values and preferences of a patient ought to be incorporated. Our feelings and knowledge of the field ought not to bar use form incorporating their preferences to the decision making procedure.

Owing to the diversity of religious views, and spirituality, I think the nursing profession should be oriented to incorporate all the views in delivering the care. They do not necessarily have to conform to what we belief in or be part of our values. The focus should be to ensure that the procedure is patient-centered and the patient’s preferences are adhered to. I also view the relationship between different religions as a chance for nurses to learn from patients. Through the interactions, they get to know the needs and values of different religion. In my opinion, this is a chance for healthcare professionals to understand more on the needs of such patients. Lastly, I think the health professional would offer their wealthy knowledge while following a patient-centered approach for Sister Mary to undergo treatment.

 What possible reservations could a health care professional have in working with Sister Mary? (Discuss the psychosocial responses the professional might have.) 


Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years

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