Overview: The goal of your Final Paper is to describe how


The goal of your Final Paper is to describe how you would implement a major program

of organizational change as if you were a senior leader of the company, using the following approach:

 Six Sigma

Additionally, the Final Paper’s purpose is to draw upon as much of the course material

as possible, but specifically from Units 5 -7.

In this assignment, you will present the name of the business you have selected to be

the topic of your paper for approval.

In this assignment, you will compile a list of the resources you have gathered so far in

support of your paper.


Your resources will be chosen from course resources as well as outside resources in

support of your topic DISNEY. Your literature review will provide:

 A minimum of five resources.

 A paragraph or two of why each resource is relevant.

As you research resources, address the following:

 What is the company you selected doing in this regard?

 The initiative you’ve selected for the business.

 How to affect large scale organizational change.


 While there is no minimum page length, you will add a reference page.

 All literature reviews must be professionally written using APA citations and


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