PART 1 (Initial Post): Start your discussion by reflecting on


PART 1 (Initial Post): Start your discussion by reflecting on the chapter readings and video content, utilizing a few guiding questions to frame your initial post.  Here are the Guiding Questions to be addressed as you start your Discussion:

  1. Based upon all that you have read and watched for this module, what are your thoughts about the 3 major types of research design (Experimental, Naturalistic, and Mixed Methods)? For example, do you think one method is better than the others? Is there a particular method that seems best for your program of study?
  2. Have you every conducted research with any of these methods?  If so, briefly explain which method was used and why that method was best for your project.
  3. We all have a natural tendency to prefer one method over another.  For example, if you like math and data and statistics and precision and all things quantitative in nature, you probably prefer Experimental-type designs.  If you like words and descriptions and themes and all things qualitative in nature, you probably prefer Naturalistic designs.  Maybe you like it all (!), so you really are attracted to Mixed Methods design.  Describe your natural preference for the research method that appeals most to you, and explain.  Then describe which method appeals least to you, and explain. 

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