Patriotism-Is protest patriotic or anti-American?

Part I. Introduction (20 pts) Describe in general the issue that is debated: For example, you may analyze the importance of this issue important to the culture, economics, political system, or social structure at the time. Part II. Historical Debate (40 pts) Read the two articles on your chosen topic argument from different point of views and discuss the author’s perspectives on the topic. Address the questions below when crafting your essay. What is the main argument in each perspective? On what points do they agree or disagree? Analyze the evidence that is provided to support each thesis. What types of evidence are used? Does the evidence support the thesis? Which author created a clearer argument? Part III. Conclusion (20 pts) How did the reading(s) change the way in which you understood the subject? How are the issues presented in the reading(s) still relevant to you today? Please explain how your personal background and life experiences might influence your perspective on this topic. (give examples) Imagine that you have been asked to tackle a current national or global issue. How would you use the readings to help you do so? Format: (20 pts) The paper must be a minimum of 750 words. Typed, double-spaced, using 11 point font.

The assignment will be uploaded as a file on Blackboard. You will need to include a Bibliography page using Chicago style citation. If you quote from any source, you need to cite your quotation using Footnotes using Chicago style citations. Common Instruction on Academic Honesty: To meet the standards for Academic Honesty: · Cite your sources consistently throughout your paper (good rule of thumb: at least one citation per paragraph, although introduction and conclusion may not require citation). · Cite your source for any statement or quotation that is not common knowledge. · Place quotation marks around phrases/sentences that represent the words of someone else. · Use proper paraphrasing rather than poor paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism. This is a mandatory assignment that must be completed, this is a state assessment assignment. No secondary sources, other than the Foner text, should be integrated into this paper’s analysis. • Your paper should briefly introduce your paper’s topic or question and provide a thesis statement. In a paper of this size, your introduction and thesis statement should appear on the first page, in the paper’s first paragraph. • Your paper should show that you reasoned through the evidence in a fair-minded way. In other words, you should state (paraphrase) what your evidence says and not what you wish it said or think it should say. You need to state the evidence fairly, even if you think it wrong or offensive. • Your paper should use evidence to answer the historical question. You need to explain how the evidence answers the question. • Your paper should develop and organize your thoughts clearly and logically. Outlining is probably necessary, but not a required, step in writing a well-organized paper. • Your paper should draw a conclusion that addresses the paper’s chief topic or question and that states your answer to the question or your contribution to the topic.

Topic Patriotism-Is protest patriotic or anti-American? (think about the Populist Movement, Civil Rights Movement, Environmetalism)

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