Paul Smith Patient Case study

Question 6: From the 2 complications you have now chosen provide 2 interventions that you will discuss with Paul before his surgery aimed at reducing the risks of the post-operative complications.

Question 7: Paul is difficult to rouse, pain noted when shoulder squeeze was attended to and Paul briefly opened his eyes.

Together with the results of this response and using the Rapid Detection and Response adult observation (RDR) chart MR59a sedation score section – identify Paul’s current sedation score.

According to the coloured response sections of the RDR chart, what is the procedure now for the identified sedation score?

Question 8: From the list below identify four (4) possible reasons for the sedation score. (please highlight correct answers)

Select one or more:

a. pain relief administered

b. urinary retention

c. cardiac complication related to his current health status

d. respiratory complication related to his current health status

e. emboli

f. seizure

Question 9: There are many post-operative complications associated with anaesthetics. Identify two (2) nursing interventions for each of the following types of anaesthetics which may reduce post-operative complications due to immobility. General anaesthesia, Regional anaesthesia, Epidural/Spinal anaesthesia.

Question 10: Identify three 3 nursing care interventions aimed at relieving post-operative pain management

Question 11: Paul is complaining of pain and has a pain score of 9/10 on the pain numerical score. According to the anaesthetic record he has been administered Fentanyl in recovery 45 minutes prior to this pain assessment.

From the list below select the four (4) actions you will now undertake. Select one or more:

a. Identify and assess location of pain, (could be in the leg or other part of the body rather than surgical site)

b. Perform venepuncture

c. Review medication chart see what was ordered and what was given, may have been a reduced dose given in recovery

d. Assess IV access

e. Discuss pain relief options with RN, get order from MO for different pain relief if needed.

f. Review sedation score

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