Please answer these questions What excites you about this potential

  • Please answer these questions 
  • What excites you about this potential opportunity with humana?
  • At the heart of any position is the ability to build strong relationships with a wide variety of different individuals.  How do you successfully build relationships within a dynamic workplace?  How do you handle difficult personalities?
  • From your perspective, what elements do you think are essential to have in any successful corporate wellness program?
  • As we all know, there are no perfect wellness programs out there… what have been some of your top takeaways or learning moments for you in the past?
  • This position requires strong organization, time-management and multi-tasking capabilities. What are your strategies for managing your time when dealing with multiple urgent tasks simultaneously?
  • This role will support a large group of employers and their respective employee populations (versus 1:1).  Can you please confirm that you are comfortable with this approach?


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