Please provide your PERSONAL feedback only! In “Snapchat just announced

Please provide your PERSONAL feedback only!

In “Snapchat just announced its largest user growth in years,” Nicole Lee is published in the article by Engadget. When clicking on Ms. Lee’s name, we can see that she offers over a decade of experience in technology journalism. She has a Bachelor’s in Journalism and English and a Master’s in Speech and Communication. On this same page, we can see the many articles written by Nicole Lee through Engadget. It does appear that the site does give both sides to controversial issues. The tone of the articles is professional and well written. The article from this link, as are others, is very complete with the information based on the subject of the article. The information is based on the data gathered by servers through the companies that produce the electronics. This article was posted in July of 2021 so less than a year old. I do believe that this site is credible and trustworthy to use as a source for a business report depending on the topic of the report. This website is strictly about articles involving technology.,from%20this%20time%20last%20year.

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