Please Read Instructions For this weeks assignment you will look at two different topics: data collection and Nielsen ratings. Data

**********Please Read Instructions************
For this week’s assignment you will look at two different topics: data collection and Nielsen ratings.
Data Collection: When collecting data you have to be careful because you are making assumptions about the population by considering a sample of information. As a result your sampling approach needs to be well-thought-out. There are many ways to collect a sample and you have to be on the lookout for different sources of error.
Nielsen Ratings: Ratings are determined by many companies, but the most reputable has to be Nielsen. They measure data across multiple platforms (TV, online, mobile, etc.) and companies pay a lot of money for the results. The information we have access to is limited because it’s free, but you can find a lot of data on
You will analyze both of these topics by carefully reading question and using the data that’s already provided.
Assignment Objectives:
Distinguish the different sampling methods that are used to collect data.
Identify various sources of error that are introduced when collecting samples and understand their impact on the statistical results.
Examine a radio diary, which will show you the data that’s typically collected by companies such as Nielsen and Arbitron.
Analyze and interpret charts from Nielsen’s website, which cover several media platforms.
Step One: Preparation
Begin by completing the reading assignments from this week.
Look over the Keynote lectures that are provided on the FSO platform.
Watch the QuickTime video that provides a brief tutorial of the Top 10 charts on
Review any additional material that relates to this assignment, including class activities, videos, etc.
Step Two: Download the Excel template and answer each question
Open up the Excel template file and answer the questions using the data that’s provided.
Step Three: Submission Guidelines
The Excel template must be used to complete the assignment.
Complete the Excel template file and upload to the FSO platform before the deadline.
Its strongly encouraged that you watch the following video, which walks you through the Nielsen charts on their website:

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