Position Paper: Past and Current International Action

– Cover international actions (UN actions, resolutions, previous solution efforts, etc.) both past and present – Focus on already implemented solutions that are relevant and continue to affect topic and evaluate their successfulness – Provide information that is not already in topic synopsis

– Focus on international community with no reference to country or policy Country Policy – Explain country’s attitude towards the topic with information on the country’s involvement internationally as well as national legislation regarding the topic – May include behavior such as ratifying treaties, enacting policies, or making statements of support or statements against policies Proposed Solutions – Longest and most important section in the paper – Propose a course of action that your country wishes the UN or your committee and other international actors to initiate to resolve or alleviate the problem – Provide an explanation on how these solutions will be implemented and why they will be effective Responses – Responds to TWO questions to consider from the perspective of the country o What is your country’s population trajectory?

o What are some of the pros and cons with regards to urbanization as a response to population growth? – Clearly identify the two questions answered, and do not answer more than two – Intended to inspire further research and thinking on the topic, mirroring practical and ethical dilemmas that plague decision making on an international level This is a position paper for a MUN. This should look like a high school students work, as well, the country is Latvia and the Issue being discussed is “Population Mitigation in Asia”. Footnotes are vital, and a bibliography is required after the 3 pages

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