Program review paper: A description of the drug or alcohol prevention

Resources for identifying programs:


Students will complete a program review paper this semester. Papers should be a minimum of 3 pages and no more than 5 pages (not including references page), Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced. Detailed syllabus will be provided.


Program review paper


  1. A description of the drug or alcohol prevention or intervention program, including:
    1. Location, funding information, presenting problems addressed, average length of participation in the program, etc.
    2. Treatment modalities utilized
    3. Psycho-social-cultural factors this program addresses with clients
  2. Empirical evidence regarding program efficacy (or lack of efficacy) including:
    1. A general description of the study (how many participants, how was data collected, over what length of time was data collected, etc)
    2. Summary of the findings
  3. General reflection of your thoughts on the program: What do you believe to be the strengths and areas of growth for the program? Do you think that your selected program addresses the complexity of preventing/intervening with substance abuse?




Writing Mechanics & Flow                                                                                                                  /10

Student uses proper grammar and punctuation throughout paper

Use of references as needed

There is organization and cohesion throughout the paper 

Paper is formatted in APA  (including cover page, citations, and references)




Thoroughly answers the following questions:                                                                             /25


Student thoroughly answers all of the aforementioned questions and required components of the paper

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