Q.1 write reply for this article In economic terms, a


Q.1 write reply for this article

In economic terms, a country has a comparative advantage when it can produce at a lower opportunity cost than that of trade partners. I chose to take a look at Ireland which is typically described as a small, open economy.  Ireland has an established comparative advantage in producing grass-based milk and meat which provides cost and food efficacy advantages at a global level (Gill, 2016). Ireland has this comparative advantage in cheese and butter due to climate and a large amount of land suitable for dairy cows.

In addition, is it better for a country to export more or to import more?Exporting can bring profits to a country or money into a country, helping stimulate its economic growth. Because imports may represent goods that another country cannot make, the exporting country often has a comparative advantage (Imports vs. Exports, 2021). The exporters may produce the goods at a lower opportunity or financial cost.

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